Access talent without the hassle of traditional recruitment methods.

Gain immediate access to a curated list of quality candidates actively seeking their next exciting opportunity and challenge.

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Traditional recruitment strategies often fail to deliver.

The Solution? Presentus.

Presentus is a direct recruitment platform that enables recruiters to select the best available candidates from a carefully curated list of experienced professionals, categorised by specialism, level and location.

Save Money and Time on Direct Advertising
Advertising can be a costly, time-consuming and unreliable process. Remove frustration from the equation and utilise Presentus, which addresses all these hurdles whilst offering a variety of unique benefits.
Start Saving
Access The Best Available Talent
Stop compromising on talent and settling for less than you deserve. Gain direct access to exclusive talent which have fulfilled our essential criteria and been quality checked by experienced consultants.
Stop Compromising
Identify Candidates Before Competitors
Save time reading mountains of CV’s and surfing various job platforms. Find your perfect candidates from a premium talent pool comprising of active applicants whose skillsets and salary levels have been qualified.
Save Time

Why Presentus?

Close Open Vacancies Faster!

Compared to the laborious process of traditional recruitment, Presentus can move from talent selection to interview booking in a matter of hours.

We only register high-end, available in-market candidates.

A direct channel to engaged, diverse talent!

Tailor the way you connect with your potential next hire. Attract genuine responses from only the most relevant, active and engaged candidates.

Fully clarity and control over the process!

View a candidate’s portfolio, work history, video screening, sample projects and capabilities before you make a hire.

Our talent agrees to full transparency in the recruitment process.

Making hiring and getting hired easier.

Recruitment Redefined
Faster Recruitment
By using a combination of AI and Human Curation, we ensure only the best candidates make the Top 15.
How it Works
Better Engagement
We ensure that candidates are matched to the right role, based on salary, location and job title requirements.

Pricing built around your needs

The most cost-effective way to hire quality talent for multiple positions.
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Access to one pool
Access for a month
Single license


Starting from

Pay upfront and save 20%
Access to one full sector
Access for a year
Single license

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