At what point should I invest in a human resource professional?

At what point should I invest in a human resource professional?
The long-term effects of COVID on the modern workplace have been made crystal clear over the last two years. Health and safety protocols are much tighter, and the mass adoption of modern technology has been accelerated. Most notably, however, a precedent has been set in many companies and businesses for remote and ‘hybrid’ working. The pandemic created a landscape subject to rapid change that has forced businesses to adapt and the modern workplace has been armed with a newfound progressive outlook. This shift in attitudes has played a vital role in progressing existing corporate policies and introducing new ones. For many companies (many of which may have been slightly outdated in their practices), the pandemic has given them the hindsight and time to finally take stock of their situation and revisit current rules, ensuring they are fit for the future and whatever the world might throw at them. In this article, we will discuss the overall benefits of a progressive HR function and what hiring a new (or your first) HR professional can do for your team and business.  

Company Culture

Having a strong company culture is vital for every successful business. Your culture influences everything from daily processes to top-level strategic decisions, leaving its mark on everything from your brand identity and employee engagement to retention rates, and much more. The problem with company culture is that it’s not fixed – it’s constantly evolving in response to a variety of different factors, both internal and external. These could include changes in the industry, new leadership, shifting demographics etc. This is where a trained HR professional, or better yet, a whole progressive HR function, steps in. HR’s responsibility is to guide that evolution and consistently invest in it and correct company culture if it starts to divert from the path. The professional will regain and maintain your company’s culture through rapid expansion and growth to ensure it stays true to itself and its core ideals.  

Recruitment & Engagement

The people your business hires, as well as the manner in which they’re hired, will have an enormous impact on your company’s culture. A HR professional will align your recruitment practices with the organisation’s core values to ensure that only the most suitable candidates will be hired. The HR professional, alongside guidance from higher-ups, will also adapt your company culture to make it easier to attract qualified staff, particularly if you’re recruiting in an in-demand niche, or an exceptionally competitive region.  

A Shoulder to Lean On

With so much on their plate, it can be easy for CEO’s and senior leaders to lose sight of how the broader organisation perceives business decisions. HR professionals are responsible for bringing the company culture to the forefront by reminding executives about the impact their choices have on employee morale and engagement. Few things can negatively impact a company culture so quickly as leaders going against their professed values; likewise, a good example set by leadership can be transformative. HR professionals are, therefore, uniquely positioned to shape their company’s culture in multiple ways. In doing so, they play a significant role in the company’s success and their colleagues’ happiness and fulfilment. They act as a role model within the company, embodying the behaviours and values that the organisation wants to promote. Hiring the right HR professional, one whom you securely trust and value, will show you exactly what HR can bring to an already thriving business. When you, as a leader, are backed by your HR team to keep your word, listen to others and act per your company’s core values, you’ll soon find that your business will continue to flourish.
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