6 Steps to taking control of your job search

6 Steps to taking control of your job search

How can you elevate yourself above the hundreds of other candidates that may have similar skills and experience as you? And how do you ensure that you’re amongst the first to be short-listed when applying for a job.

At Presentus we’ve developed a straight-forward 6-step process that anyone with the right level of motivation can implement.  The framework has been designed using elements of design thinking and life coaching methodologies to help encourage you to think big, reframe, build a plan, iterate, and stay confident.

We have an upcoming 6 part series which drills down into each phase coming soon but for now here’s the snackable version 🍬


Phase 1 – Clarity and focus

1 – Establish your ideals

What do you want to be known for?
What are your passions, hobbies and interests?
What are the practical issues important in your next role/career move?


2 – Form your narrative

What makes you unique beyond your skills and experiences?
What life experiences have you had that have developed certain attributes?
Combine with your ideals to elevate yourself from other applicants.


Key takeout – make it authentic. 


Phase 2- Research

3 – Identify relevant companies

Based on your ideals, identify those companies that would be a perfect fit for you – ideally start with around 20, then short-list to 7.


4 – Identify relevant contacts

Identify who in these businesses is most likely to be interested in your skillset. Contacts are usually easy to find using a variety of research methods such as their website, groups or LinkedIn.


Key take-out – know your audience.


Phase 3 – Engagement

5 – Connect with contacts

Contacts are usually easy to find using a variety of research methods, LinkedIn is a good one to start with, but there are others.


6 – Adapt approach and persevere

Like with life, there are no guarantees that this approach will be successful. However, you’re far more likely to see the results you want if you adjust your approach, are determined, and persevere.


Key take-out – make a plan, test it and iterate.


Just remember, you’re in control – you got this 👍

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